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How Autoimmune Diseases Impact Eyesight

Autoimmune diseases are conditions in which the immune system turns on healthy cells.

Heterochromia: Causes And Types

Have you ever seen someone with eyes that are two different colors?

Our Top Tips For Winter Eye Safety

Because it’s so much colder outside in winter, our instinct might be to assume that we’re safe from damage from the sun.

Winter Is Here! Are Your Eyes Protected?

When we think of sunburns, most of us probably imagine sandy beaches and summer heat, but we can get sunburned in any season, including winter.

Helping Child Vision Development

Did you know that babies have to learn how to see?

Winter Eye Protection

It may seem strange, but sunglasses are just as important in winter as they are in summer.

Did you know that roughly a quarter of a million children are seen in hospital emergency rooms each year due to toy-related injuries?

Early Vision Development: A Parent’s Guide

Did you know that using our eyes is something we have to learn how to do?

Helping Your Child’s Vision Development

Babies aren’t born with visual skills; they actually have to learn how to see!

Do you ever notice your child’s eyes crossing or moving in different directions?

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