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Did you know that roughly a quarter of a million children are seen in hospital emergency rooms each year due to toy-related injuries?

Early Vision Development: A Parent’s Guide

Did you know that using our eyes is something we have to learn how to do?

Helping Your Child’s Vision Development

Babies aren’t born with visual skills; they actually have to learn how to see!

Do you ever notice your child’s eyes crossing or moving in different directions?

Toys And Activities For Vision Development

Just like learning how to walk and talk, your baby also has to learn how to see!

Your Child’s Vision Development

None of us is born with fully developed eyesight.

Encouraging Healthy Vision Development

Did you know that babies have to learn how to see, just as much as they have to learn how to walk and talk?

Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Vision

Seeing isn’t just something babies do automatically; they have to learn how first!

The way we perceive the world depends largely on our mood.

Protecting Your Eyes in Winter Conditions

We might get more hours of daylight in the summer, but sunglasses are important in winter too!

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