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Contact Lenses: More Than Meets The Eye

Contact lenses probably seem like a pretty recent invention, right?

Progressive Lenses Versus Bifocals

Nearly everyone over the age of 65 will experience a reduced elasticity of the lenses of their eyes — a condition called presbyopia.

Presbyopia, Bifocals, and Progressives

Presbyopia is farsightedness caused by the increasing rigidity of the lens in the eye as we age.

Reading Glasses, Bifocals, or Progressives?

As we age, the lenses in our eyes gradually lose their flexibility.

Corrective Lenses for Presbyopia

The older we get, the more the lenses in our eyes lose their flexibility.

When the snow and cold of winter begin to roll in, we often take steps to protect ourselves from the impending cold and flu season. But it may surprise you to know that the cold of winter may have a few potential risks in store for our vision as well.

Progressives, Bifocals, and Reading Glasses

As we get older, the lenses in our eyes become less flexible.

Your glasses are a unique expression of your personality. And with a few simple makeup techniques, you'll really get the look you want.

Progressives Versus Bifocals

Why do people over the age of forty so often need reading glasses or bifocals?

Presbyopia And Progressive Lenses

Presbyopia, or farsightedness caused by reduced elasticity of the eye’s lens, affects nearly everyone older than 65.

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